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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  October 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting's answers. >> romona: breaking news on a man's body found at the zoo over the weekend. we just found out north olmstead police are interviewing a suspect in death. charges could be filed against the suspect. the medical examiner was looking at a cause of death, but they say it was not natural. the woman's body was found on saturday wrapped in a tarp under the we 25th street bridge. >> romona: tomorrow is the day indians' fans have been waiting for for two decades. a return trip to the world series. will the weather cooperate?
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that could impact one of the games. jeff? >> jeff: okay, ramona, yes. we have updated computer model information regarding game two. we know that tomorrow we will be dry. it will be pretty cold. partly cloudy and 46. but then wednesday that is going to be the interesting gape. right about 50 and rain developing of now let me show you the new by hour future vi wednesday because we know tomorrow won't be a problem. wednesday morning dry and there is a sliver of rain with this next system that will sneak in here on wednesday afternoon. these are just going to be isolated showers. with the updated model in this is still not looking good. 8:00 p.m. on wednesday. rain develops in cleveland and look at this 11:00 on wednesday night. the problem is once the rain starts it looks like it is going to be an all night rain and there is rain in in the forecast on thursday.
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again game two could have a weather i'm pact. we'll keep you posted. >> this is as close to a family in a professional setting. >> the cleveland indians are going to the world series. >> romona: never get tired of watching that. together. we are less than 24 hours away from the first pitch of the world series. the indians and the cubs are itching to take the field. mark schwab is here with who could be the key player in this series. >> mark: there are a lot for the tribe, but i think you have to win every game klubber pitches. he is definately going in game one, but behind him may be andrew miller. he has been the star of the show. he dominated boston and toronto. if the indians get miller into
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because they are not bringing him in. he is there to dominate with the lead. i asked him if he could pick up where he left off in the alcs. >> i feel like the last couple games threw the ball really well. i am doing everything i can to stay sharp and we have done a good job in the previous series. >> now the indians announce that danny salazar will make the world series roster. how much he will be able to help him is another thing. that's coming up in sports. ramona? >> romona: as you noy downtown will be hopping tomorrow. between the cavs championship ring ceremony and the season opener at the q, to of course game one of the world series at progressive field. make sure you leave early and stay late to get you in and out of the city safely. >> there will be parking down
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lots of pedestrian traffic and high prices are around. if you can carpool and do that. be patient if you come downtown. there will be a lot of people and take your time getting to your locations. >> romona: with all of the traffic expected downtown, there are several parking restrictions you need to know about. parking around the gateway complex is off limits until 2:00 a.m. on thursday. plus the gateway east garage is closed to all parkers. if you are coming down you are urged to take rta. there are extra rapid trains and buses on hand to take you to progressive field and the q. they will operate up to one hour after the game ends. >> romona: this world series is especially sweet for one indians fan. he was alive the last time the tribe won it all.
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dan deroos has his story. >> when you get the chance to talk to someone who was alive the last time the indians won the world series you simply listen. and when he brings along a book of clipped history of his own it is pretty spectacular. >> this is all from 1948. >> reporter: he was 10 in 1948. >> the thing i remember the most and it was such a great time in life for for anyone. >> reporter: this is his massive book of memories which he is very proud. jay we didn't -- >> we didn't have a lot of money. i just started doing it one day and it got easier and easier to do. >> reporter: in 1948 there were still three cleveland newspapers for geno to clip articles from. >> indians win the first pennant in 28 years.
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>> it was such a good time. to this day we had never seen a parade like they had in 1948. i was at the parade. everybody was at the parade. everybody was dressed in their sunday best. men with hats and women in dresses five miles long. it was from the terminal tower to university circle. >> little did he know that the 1948 world title would be last. >> it has been a long one. >> now history is back knocking on cleveland's door. >> i would love to see the indians take it all because hopefully we will have another five-mile parade. >> sounds leak a plan to me. in 1948 he said he listened to the world series on the
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tv. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos. >> romona: that's special, dan. it may sound pretty loud tomorrow at progressive field when the cubs' starting lineup is announced. that's because travel must numbers show thousands of fans from chicago have landed here at cleveland hoping to score tickets to the two games that are here. now, the cost of a ticket in cleveland is about $1500 less than to see a game at wrigley field. and we'll have c world series. we have posted interview clips from today's media day as well as how the cavs helped the indians in the post season run. way just learn -- we just learned the city council has voted to lift drivers. taxi drivers are already charged the fee. the city counsel passed it on
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>> for years a west side suburb has been dealing with a growing deer population. more than a year ago the city council passed a culling law, but now there are concerns. tonight tiffani tucker is getting answers after an avon lake couple watched a doe die in their backyard. >> noticed she was in distress. i saw that she had been shot and was bleeding. >> reporter: this avon lake resident and his wife say they woke up on sunday morning to the sound of the doe crying in their backyard. it is something he says was traumatic. he even took pictures of the animal. >> you could tell she was in pain and she was still alive. >> the doe died minutes later. >> the backyard is right up against the park where he sees deer walking through the woods every day. but what he says he saw on sunday has him concerned. >> we know there needs to be something done about the deer
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the city about and they assured us it couldn't take place. >> but he says it did. moments after spotting the wounded doe they called police who he says told them there was a hunter out culling the herd and the doe must have gotten away. running away and then collapsing and dying in his yard. >> i would like to see them not only post signs in the area they are post them on the website and let people know. at any given time you can have as many as 150 people going through these metro parks within range of where they are shooting. >> reporter: now they hope more will be done to let residents know about the poy 10 shall culling dangers. >> i would like to see them post signs in the area and on their website. at any given time you could have as many as 150 people
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parks within range of where they are shooting. >> romona: a few hours ago we spoke with avon lake mayor and he tells us he knows about this particular incident and he says there was some kind of confusion about how the deer was wounded whether it was with a bow or rifle. >> romona: we did some digging as to how many deer have been culled in avon lake. from 2015 to march of this year 99 deer were for sharpshooters and equipment needed and it will run until 2025. >> romona: this week the race for the white house will be focused on the buckeye state as both sides will have cam paper events in northeast ohio. campaign events in northeast ohio. mike pence will be at ashland university's myers con convocation center. the event is starting at 2:00 p.m. and we just found out in the
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clinton will be at shul 11 high school campaigning. doors open at 2:30 with the rally starting an hour later. >> romona: and i want to tell about you two new polls. it shows two outcomes for november's election. according to a cnn poll hillary clinton has a five-point lead 49-44% and the two third party candidates far behind. meantime a rasmusson shows trump with a slight lead over clinton 43 to 41%. >> your job could be adding wrinkles to your face without you even knowing it. tonight we are getting answers to the steps you can take to keep the youthful glow. plus -- >> i want to do 100% at home and i want to do 100% at work. >> being a first time mom can be hard especially when you return to work.
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smoother for women. >> ramona, 51 degrees downtown. mostly cloudy along the lakeshore. we are tracking that rain potentially impacting game two. it is feeling like a little
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live from cleveland's news center this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: westlake police need your help to find a pair of pick pockets. these two took a woman's wallet from her purse at breo and crocker park and then used her card at the avon target to buy $2500 worth of gift cards. if you recognize these two call westlake police. >> romona:on become a victim of the crime. even though they are not fashionable they recommend purses that flip or they have a flap and zip combination. or sit in a booth. having your purse on the back of a chair increases your chance of becoming a victim. and also it may be uncomfortable, but eat with your purse in your lap so that no one can get into it. >> romona: if you are a working parent to be and about to have a first baby you may
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overwhelmed. that's why more and more companies are offering coaches to help you while you are out on leave. now, the goal is to assist with the mega tran session from a working person to a working parent. >> allison was filled with love the moment she saw her baby son, charlie. but she loves her job too and is returning to work after a three-month parental leave. >> i am excited to dive back in and use my brain and talk to adults. >> she credits her readiness to return to a coach provided by her employer, kpmg. they have a growing number of employers helping those transitioning leaving to have a baby and then juggling work and family. >> the flood gates have really opened when it comes to parental leave coaching. >> in the last year we have seen expo men shall growth. they are seeing benefits to the bottom line and the
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leave leadership. she said part of the reason for the growth is that millennials are demanding more of a worklife balance than earlier generations. coaching is crossing the gender line too. >> it started with moms, but because companies have seen the benefit and they are trying to provide an equitable system in their companies we are seeing dads more and more. >> this is jan. >> while coaching can be in person or web-based allison over the phone. at first her coach learn -- helped her learn to disconnect at work to focus on charlie. then they decided to help her learn to let go of a full to do list. now the focus is on deciding if the work clothes fit to make sure allison's support system is in place. >> one of the areas you
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out and getting a larger expanding on your back up child care. >> allison is thankful her company recognizes that family and work are not marketwatchulely exclusive. >> i want to be able to do 100% at home and 100% at work and want to be great at both. >> some companies offer coaching only to mothers and some only to managers who are executives, but technology is allowing more businesses to offer services to all experts say to check with your boss or hopple resources -- or human resourceses department to see what if anything is offered. >> romona: your job can definitely add stress to your life. you know that. did you know that it can add years to your face? that's right. tonight we are getting answers on how you can stay looking young. you look marvelous. if you stair at -- stare at at computer it can penetrate into
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sagging skin. try a microdermabrasion. sitting next to a window exposes you to uva rays. we don't have that here. this can cause freckles. make sure to apply sunscreen to protect yourself and sitting by the heater or air conditioner can dry your face out. apply a mist toner to moisturize. what is a mist toner? >> jeff: i don't know. somebody applying sunscreen inside sitting by the window. >> well a lot of women are like me and my make up has sunscreen built in. >> jeff: and ramona that can never happen to you so you will never need one of those micro-- >> dermabrasion. >> romona: we will get to the moisture.
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big story, the weather. you will hear everybody talk about it. it is in the back of their minds and i'm sure the officials know about the weather forecast by now. and there is a potential impact on game two. so i am going to start this tomorrow night. we are dry and you don't see any rain in the area. here is 8:00 a.m. on wednesday morning and here comes the next system. we think we could have some spotty showers on afternoon, but that's not the batch that can have the main threat of rain on wednesday night. this is 8:00 on wednesday night. it is 11:00 on wednesday night. this is one of the steady rains and that's the issue. i know they will play when it starts to rain, but the problem is they can only play for so long until the field conditions get messy enough so that the umpires have to call it.
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and the potential impact of game two. the interesting part of the forecast that there is even rain on thursday. we have an alert on wednesday night. stay tuned. the potential weather impact game two. in the meantime we have lake effect clouds along the lakeshore and east and you can see west of i-77 it is pretty clear and that's g a cold night inland mid30s to start your day off tomorrow and it looks like we only warm to around 50 or a little more if we can sneak in a little more sun. forecast partly cloudy overnight in cleveland and theater 4 akron-canton with some left over leak effect clouds. on a scale of 1-10 low 40s and sun glare eastbound.
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generally mostly cloudy, but dry. 47 at lunch and further 9 at 5:00. 51 is your high in the akron-canton area. for the fishermen, moderate chop expected on the water with waves two to four feet. now eventually we drop down to 31. 52 on wednesday and isolated showers. thursday the rain picks up and 55 on thursday. the temperatures will befalling friday 53 and another front comes through on saturday. cloudy and windy. 59. sunday cold for the browns game. isolated showers and pouter 7. ramona? >> romona: all right, jeff. some women take a dailiy multi vitamin or supplement and tonight we are getting answers from a health expert on the one vitamin you should be taking depending on how old you are. if you are in your 30s and trying to get pregnant, take
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it reduces the rick of certain birth defects. if you are in your 40s vitamin d is a must. vitamin d deficiencies coincide with conditions that occur in the age range like cancer and osteoporosis. for women in their 50s take vitamin b12. women's bodies don't absorb the vitamin very well at 50 so this will help. and women in their 60s need extra potassium. this will help decrease their risk of a stroke. mark schwab goes one on one with trevor bower. find out the one thing the tribe starter can't do. that's next in sports. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app.
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chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: tribe is ready to go and world series starts tomorrow. cory klubber takes the mound, but when will danny salazar take the mound. he will be on the world series roster. he has been out because of pain in the forearm and it sounds leak he is down to three pitches instead of four. they don't even know how they will use him yet. they do feel good about where he is at. he feels like the arm is pretty good >> it is strong, really strong. i don't have any type of things bothering me inside. i feel really strong every time i go out there. it is during the rest in between innings and every time i was coming back and feeling really strong. >> i expect when his name is called he will go out and
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over the plate. i think he is going to be stretched out and he will have the ability to go four innings or 65, 70 pitches if need be and we can use them in a lot of different ways and that's exciting. we will have him as available at some time in the world series and go from there. >> mark: trevor bower is one guy i was scheduled to talk to. he will do whatever the team tells him to do. >> terry said yesterday if they have to they can move you to game three. would have to be moved back? >> it is their decision. i don't know. i'm just doing what the trainers tell me to do. pitch when they tell me to pitch. >> you look like you are on schedule and pretty confident. >> very confident. >> anything you are not able to do? >> no. fly my drone. >> mark: imagine. cross that off the list. terry francona spent one year as a player.
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there was much to look back on. >> my slot to hit was 10:10 to 10:25. i would fight the traffic in and i would leave at 7:00. i would pinch hit a quarter to 6:00. i would fight the out and then fight the traffic home.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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>> jeff: low 40s tomorrow and dry. >> romona: thanks for joining us tonight. go cavs.
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>> the cubs are going to the world series! yes, after 71 years of waiting, the cubbies have won the pennant and are facing off against the cleveland indians starting tuesday night, all thanks to a strong pitching cubs bats and the dark assistance of azmalor, the evil wizard who the manager signed a blood compact with in exchange for the world series win. and the windy city is buzzing over the possibility he might fulfill his dark prophecy and bring the cubs their first wreez victory in more than 100 years. the cubs are favored against the indians thanks to the young hungry lineup as well as an


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